October 21, 2015


These are a collection of video production projects I have worked on in the last year.

This is a brief video to show the efforts and results of the South Austin Church’s team of volunteers as they delivered hundreds of Thanksgiving meals to the surrounding community.

(Track: “In Tenderness” by Citizens)

Ensemble 109 performed 18 original songs, written by Disney composer and producer Gary Powell, on April 15, 2016. I edited together all of the video shot by InfiniD Music to create, in essence, a movie.

Before the day of the show, I shot, recorded, and edited together the singers singing a few of the solos that would appear on April 15. Here’s our preview video for “The Songs of Gary Powell”.

TBM Fitness is a personal training company owned by Bobby Mulcihy. I was commissioned to help Bobby film, edit, and publish a “Welcome” video for the front page of his website. The filming process was a ton of fun and we ended up with a really great and engaging video!

Grammy-nominated producer, Gary Powell, went to  T3’s Creative Ranch to give a keynote address on the power of creativity. This video demos the “2.5D Effect,” where photos are broken into layers and then animated to imitate a 3D freeze-frame.

Ensemble 109 is a vocal pop recording ensemble at The University of Texas at Austin. Every semester, the ensemble puts on a show, called “ShowSolo” to showcase their individual talent. At different times in each show, the ensemble comes together to sing a group number. This is “Heal In The Wisdom,” written by Texas folk songwriter, Bobby Bridger.

The week before Ensemble 109’s ShowSolo, they rehearse and make final preparations for their group numbers.  This is Gary Powell’s arrangement of “Tell Me Something Good” and “Uptown Funk”.  In this video, the ensemble is almost ready for ShowSolo!

Dave Barnes wrote a song called, “On A Night Like This,” which Gary took and wrote interweaving vocal parts for quartets. This is a music video for that arrangement.

Elesvee is a vocal recording workshop founded on the pop ensemble techniques created in Ensemble 109. This video is the 5th workshop from Summer 2015 where singers were trained to match vocals with Carly Simon’s “One Man Woman,” create supporting vocal parts, vocal solos, and group vocal parts. Singers Ashtyn Talley and Rachel Thompson speak on what Elesvee is and what they’ve learned.