October 21, 2015


“The Parting Glass” feat. Dustin Dimitri and Hannah Rose

The traditional Irish folk song, “The Parting Glass” has seen many variations and covers across hundreds of years. I had heard the tune several times before and wanted to arrange my own version of the tune. In this project, I combined a cappella elements and string writing/recording to create my personal arrangement on “The Parting Glass”.  The song begins a cappella, then shifts to a cello trio accompanied by an acoustic guitar, then finally, the vocals and strings meet for the final verse.

“White Christmas” feat. Andrew Heger, Emma Graves, and Ben Meuer

FINAL PROJECT for Fall 2014. Cover of “White Christmas” as covered by The Drifters. Doo-wop style.  I wanted to re-create the recording closely and change only the ending.  This was one of my first experiences in transcribing a full vocal score for the talent to learn and perform from.

“A Song of Ice and Fire for Guitar”

This project is a condensed guitar score of the theme from the HBO series, “Game of Thrones”. With this project, I wanted to take a fully realized orchestral score, dissect it into its various components and play each part that I heard on the guitar. Every track was played on the same guitar and cut during the same session. My goals were to stack guitar parts and give them space from each other through compression, EQ, and panning so that the final product is a frequency complete “guitar orchestra”.

“This Little Light of Mine” feat. Audrey Bounds

For this project, I took a peer’s a capella recording of singer Audrey Bounds singing “This Little Light of Mine” and adapted it into my vision of a horror film’s trailer.  You can distinctly hear the introductory scene, followed by title cards for the production companies, with a final, terrifying scene of a young girl singing and being echoed by what seems to be a malicious presence.